♥ forgiveness
♥ late-night talks about the most trivial and the most serious
♥ waking up with their little reminders that it’s going to be a happy day (so stop sulking and smile!)
♥ laughing about everything over pizza, pasta and baby back ribs (and beer and wengweng and vodka)
♥ and then splitting humongous bills
♥ crying over the sappiest stories together
♥ being happy and excited about each other’s latest conquests
♥ calling just to share that we’re happy, sad, angry, disgusted or confused.
♥ calling just to share that Francis M. died. (and then asking if you also cried.)
♥ sharing relationship woes and rooting for that friend always
♥ finishing each other’s sentences
♥ eating your leftovers
♥ borrowing your makeup
♥ reading blogs together; asking you to update your blog because she reads it.
♥ sharing earphones to listen to a song you both like
♥ squeezing tightly together so that everyone gets captured by the camera


♥ walking back and forth in the middle of nowhere, but decided not to bitch at each other in the process
♥ indecisiveness on where to eat and being hungry together
♥ borrowing stuff that would take too long before it gets returned. And being aware of it.
♥ not minding if they’re an hour late. If it exceeds more than that, then there’s the riot. 😀
♥ waiting with you just so you don’t wait alone
♥ giving you unsolicited advices but never judging
♥ telling you once in a while how much he or she misses you
♥ not telling your mom everything (HAHAHA! :P)
♥ grabbing and carrying your stuff so you can answer your calls
♥ asking how your family is doing
♥ asking how your dogs are doing
♥ listening when you talk
♥ remembering your birthday
♥ giving you tissue or sanitary napkin when you need them the most
♥ teaching you new stuff and not giving up until you learn
♥ celebrating with you on your little triumphs


♥ buying the same shoes without you knowing it
♥ drinking on each other’s glasses without wiping the edges
♥ eating each other’s food without asking for permission
♥ a simple hug
♥ a simple kiss
♥ holding your hand when you cross the street
♥ telling off beggars who pester you to go away when you can’t do it
♥ giving you the needed space when you need to be alone
♥ running after you when they think you shouldn’t be alone
♥ sending you a text message when he/she feels something might interest you
♥ asking you to answer her boyfriend’s call because she doesn’t want to talk to him at the moment


♥ lying for him/her
♥ not spoiling you about something when you ask him to
♥ spoiling you until you cried, then have you laugh about it because it was ridiculous
♥ asking you to do something about what you want
♥ telling you random thoughts (that are most of the time the ones that really matter to him/her)
♥ asking and valuing your opinion
♥ telling you how stupid he/she feels
♥ sleeping in the car and then waking you up because he/she has reached his stop and he/she wants to say goodbye
♥ not waking you up when they know you’re so tired


♥ not being perfect together and not giving a rat’s ass about it; you could drool, fart, scream and be gay, it doesn’t matter! haha
♥ asking you to try becoming a lesbian so I can join people “like them” (Haha! :P)
♥ getting drunk together; being careless, bitter, crazy, flirtatious and over-the-top honest together.
♥ getting pissed at each other and then being okay about it after a while
♥ stopping whatever is about to be said because he/she realizes you’re not gonna like it
♥ then texting you afterwards about what they wanted to say and you realized that it’s not that big a deal
♥ having you answer anonymous calls for “trial-and-error” moments


♥ making you cry sometimes; and making you laugh all the time.
♥ comforting you the best way they know how. Sometimes, it doesn’t work completely but it’ll do.
♥ giving you food when you’re hungry. giving you beer when you’re thirsty. hehe
♥ asking you to meet them after work
♥ liking and disliking the same things
♥ liking and disliking each other but won’t admit it unless you have to.


♥ saying i love you once in a while
♥ not saying i love you…but you get the point.

It’s the little things. It’s always the little things that matter.

Song of the moment: “Unspoken Definites” by Up Dharma Down.


~ by Mitch on March 15, 2009.


  1. I’ll reply. Just because. 🙂

  2. Karl! *hugs*

  3. thanks for this post. it’s a nice read 🙂
    pwede ko bang mahiram ‘to minsan para sa xanga ko? 😉

  4. Kuya Jon: Sure thing! Thanks for appreciating. hehe 🙂

  5. hey, mitch! un lang. miss you..

  6. uh, yah. nice read. most of those definitions are you, jen and ninz.

  7. Kate, I miss you too! 🙂

  8. may i borrow po?..thanks.. 😀

  9. Mitchie!!!! Howdie?!
    I hope all is well. 🙂

  10. hello nice blog nice blog

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