I went to the Manila International Book Fair last Saturday and I found it a bit disappointing. The last time I went there, I was able to score really big discounts and saw a huge variety of hard-to-find books. However, this year’s installment only have about two or three stores that have really great finds and most of the booths comprise Christian and children’s books, which for the record I have nothing against with. It’s just that unfortunately for me, they dominated the entire selection more than I could bear. Also, the seminars and workshops that were featured were not that interesting. But then again, I’m just one opinion.

The silver lining is, I was able to add seven new books on my shelf (although my savings had to be drained out again. *sigh*) But what would you do to have some real geek euphoria once in a while, right? One of my nicest finds was the U2 by U2 book for only P350. As quoted at the Amazon website, this book tells the story “from the anarchic days of U2’s Seventies punk origins through their Eighties ascent to superstardom with the epic rock of The Joshua Tree, the dark post-modern ironies of Achtung Baby in the Nineties and their 21st-Century resurgence as rock’s biggest and boldest band, this is a tale of faith, love, drama, family, birth, death, survival, conflict, crises, creativity . . . and a lot of laughter.”

Told with wit, insight and astonishing candor by the band itself and manager Paul McGuinness, with pictures from their own archives, U2 by U2 allows unprecedented access into the inner life of the greatest rock band of our times.

I think I’m getting good at finding U2 stuff since having Bono: Conversations with Michka Assayas for only P100. Good times. 🙂


Imagine life as a big book fair. Sometimes, there are so many really good collections that you wish you could just take them all with you. Other times, all there is an array of uninteresting bunk of literature that offers you nothing but a good amount of wasted time and money.

But then again, isn’t it more fulfilling to discover what it is than just not explore at all? Than to leave it all in sheer wonder?

Just a thought.

Like anything that never goes out of style, let’s all spread the wonderful pleasure of reading! 🙂


~ by Mitch on September 19, 2008.

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