I’ll be turning twenty-three in 20 days. I didn’t even notice it until the time that I had to sort out deadlines for our Department for next week’s tasks.

I believe that this year is going to be very special for so many reasons. First and foremost, I’ve always loved the number 23. I know it sounds corny to admit but this number has a real special place in my heart for very significant basketball reasons. He inspired me to not settle for mediocrity and to see that the more failures you have in life, the more successful you are.

And now, in a few days, I’ll be 23. I feel so magical just thinking about it. I don’t really have concrete plans on how I would celebrate that day. The only think I know is that I have a few days to prepare to get wiser before I get a year older.

On that note, I would like to share simple principles that help me live each day better, and not just survive with the rest of the world.

(If you believe otherwise, that explains why we are different. Fair?:) )

Never smoke.

I have friends who smoke like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been inhaling second-hand smoke since I became my father’s daughter. I have a career where yosi breaks and yosi-lizations are all part of the job. But I’ve never puffed one in my entire life. Not even for show. Maybe to save someone else’s life, I’ll try, but for everything else, cigarettes and I will never be in each other’s mouth.

Not even if Johnny Depp says so. (Hey, THAT is saying something.)

Don’t do something you have no heart to do to begin with

I guess I’m one of the few people who were happy and satisfied with what course they took in college. Or one of those who cherished past relationships, no matter how sad. Or one of those who did not choose a job solely for financial reasons. It’s not because I so arrogantly believe I have the perfect life. Believe me, it’s far from it.

I just want to do something that I want, no matter how bratty that may sound. Isn’t it more meaningful to not be dragged down by things that you have to do, all the time? Also, I’d feel like I’ll be lying to myself. (And that is one person I don’t want to lie to.) No matter how I try, this thing or that thing just wouldn’t cut out for me if I really don’t feel it.

I know there’s a second option of that famous you might end up liking it eventually. But I have already too many “trial and error” judgments in my life that didn’t pan out. What’s wrong with the complete and total desire to do it? In the end, there’ll be no room for regrets. Even if you fail, it’s the high that you get from the experience that matters.

Don’t define yourself with what you have achieved. Instead, do so with what you have learned.

Supporting quote: Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.

I am not a fan of self-publicity, especially just to get everybody’s attention that I am not a total loser. More importantly, I count my blessings along with my failures. To keep me from putting myself in so high a pedestal when I don’t really count for anything significant yet. It’s not that I don’t appreciate compliments; they are just not getting way into my head.

Plus, we’re not all police officers who parade with a gazillion medals pinned on their uniforms, each corresponding to a life saved during the war or related crime-fighting achievements. Truthfully, people get respect NOT because of the many accomplishments s/he had.

You get it just fine. I get it just fine. Steady lang. People would care about it without you doing anything.

Challenge what people think about you by proving them wrong.

So what if people think you can’t do it? They are not the boss of you. Don’t let other people discourage you to take that most thrilling shot at life. Never quit just because some people don’t believe in you.

Climb a mountain. Sky dive. Travel the world. Kiss a stranger. Max out your credit card. Tell your parents you want to live alone. Enter a seminary. Sing in public. Dance even if there’s no music. Strut it out and brave the world with boxing gloves. Believe that you are born to take your dreams to the next level. And no one’s getting in the way of that.

Dream, live, love and learn.

I’ve experienced too many disappointments, too many heartaches, too many stupid things in life. But I’ve long accepted that this is what is in store for me. This is what the Big Guy up there intended for me to have.

No space on earth can contain all my dreams but I have enough confidence that those that really, really matter will come true. Someday. Soon. 🙂

23-year old me, here I come!


~ by Mitch on August 1, 2008.

10 Responses to “HEY, IT’S MY BIRTH MONTH!”

  1. wow its very inspiring mitch. 😀

    malapit na rin ako magtwentythree. pero hindi pa mukhang over twenty. lol.

    may you continue to be blessed. and always reach for the stars!

    love yah princess michi! Muah!

  2. ninang, advance happy birthday. san ba ang blow out hehe ingat lage and God Bless.

  3. go mitch! you are one person i love talking to… and giving tasks to. hehe. no frillls. no hang ups. i love to see the day when you will turn to be magical 23. but being the way you are, the magic will always be with you even after your 23rd birthday. keep on inspiring others!

  4. Ma’am Milen! (*gasps at having my boss read my blog! hides in shame. Haha*) I’m so surprised at seeing you here. Hehe Thanks for the encouraging words, Ma’am. 🙂

  5. Ate mitch, musta na? : ) This is the most inspiring written work i’ve read in months hehe nakaka-alis ng stress. Galing talaga ni ate idol! = )

  6. Chris, nabuhay ka! Hahaha! Glad it did you good. wehehe Thanks ha! 🙂

  7. happy birthmonth, mitch. di ko alam exact day eh 😛

  8. Hahaha! Thanks Kuya Jon! 😀

  9. (belated?) Happy birthday, Mitch!

    It’s cool that you actually have a list of principles to live by. Makagawa din nga for my next birthday 😀

  10. Thanks Alvin! 🙂

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