This entry was spurred by my Dark Knight hangover. (BTW, the movie was awesome. Highly recommended, even for non-Batman fans like yours truly. :P)

Superhero movies are always exhilarating. They inject you with a weird kind of high, not solely because of the amazing special effects brought about by the most modern technologies in divine Hollywood, but also because of its Utopian elements that never fail to get us off.

But after two or more hours of big screen fun, the wonderful world of fantasy would eventually crush into void. After all, it’s not exactly real. Men who can fly, run as fast as light, swing from one building to another or have the Bat-effing-mobile to crash the Lambhorginis of the streets are just figments of someone’s imagination— transformed into reality through rolls and rolls of traditional film or, in this day and age, millions of dollars worth of HD or 3D effects.

After a few hours of make-believe awe, the world reverts back to normal mode.

We still need saving, though. The villains multiply faster than heroes.

And yet, we are all on our own.

A simple act of kindness is hard to come by these days. What more the responsibility to maintain peace and order and salvation for all? If only Marvel or DC or even Frank Miller can have life imitate their art, then we’d have more reason to wake up every morning.

Introduce a little anarchy… Upset the established order… Well then everyone loses their minds!-The Joker

The time will come when we will all crave for superheroes. Not just in blockbuster movies but in our present situations. Where The Joker, Amazo, Darkseid, Gorilla Grodd, Scarecrow, Two-Face and Ultra-Humanite are replaced by even the worst of humanity to rule with treachery, chaos, deception and lies.

Starting with (insert government official here.)


~ by Mitch on July 21, 2008.


  1. Be my hero. Link my new project. Kachingk! 😀

  2. waah! i wanna watch dark knight, pero i dont have the time.

    gusto ko makita si heath ledger for the last tym.. 😦

  3. Yes. Villains do multiply faster. Paksyett 😐

  4. The Villain likes to Multiply.. remember grotesque Skinnyback pics of him? hahahaha

  5. Derick: Hahaha! Indeed! 🙂

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