Yeah, I know you want meeeh. Hoho

Yeah, I know you want meeeh. Hoho!

I think most single girls in their 20s experience this sensation more than once in a while. Personally, I’d always feel the need to “scratch” every time a friend of mine asks me to be the godmother of his/her child.

It won’t get any easier when I have to go to the nearest baby store and buy the cutest baby stuff ever. Because that would most probably mean that I’ll be trying my damn best not to think about what I’d get if it’s already my turn in the mommy bandwagon.

Believe me, with so many nice choices for baby gifts, it’s hard to resist thinking about what to get for your future children.

But of course, I’m not exactly in a rush. (Hello, I don’t even have a boyfriend to scare the baby itch with. LOL) It’s just that since the first time I became someone’s baby’s godmother, I’ve always been “gigil na gigil” towards babies. Or “itching” at the mere idea of having a baby of my own. Whom I’d love to cuddle and bathe and feed and sing lullabies to sleep. And yes, someone whom once in a while I’d also like to spoil with the best of everything.

I don’t know if it’s the maternal instincts in every girl that bring out this inner giddyness but it really comes out more often than we want to. Baptisms, most especially, are always very sentimental for me. I’d often daydream about having a little girl or a little boy of my own whenever I see a friend being so “daddy” or “so mommy” during these momentous affairs. Heck, I don’t even care if I don’t have a husband while I’m at the business of daydreaming about it (who’d most probably be just a pain in the ass, given the many heartbreaking marriage stories I’ve heard these past few weeks. But whatever. I eat my words anyway.) as long as I’d go home to a bouncy, giggly little angel who would surely take my breath away.


Of course, this baby mania in my head would cease when I think of having to wake up at freakin’ 2 am in the morning to nonstop wailing and all the breastfeeding you have to do until your nipples are raw. Plus the many horrible stories of giving birth, 12 hours of labor and the 10-centimeters-dilating-phenomenon.

But what I would give for a cute little burp, a spit bubble or the most adorable laughter from a baby on a fine Sunday morning. I know it’d blow me away.

I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t get all “awwww” with these?

So, don’t you feel mad whenever you hear stories of mothers abandoning their children? Or, like recently, when a baby was ridiculously thrown out of a cab by a 15-year old mother? It’s a slap in our faces, more so in most women who’ve been trying so hard to conceive but weren’t so lucky. And it’s such a disgrace that some women, who were brave enough NOT to wear protection during sex, are too coward to handle responsibilities like nurturing a child.

They are always looking for the easy way out. And most of the time, it’s the most sickening way out.

I am not trying to be all preachy about this. Most women would reason out on practicality. How life is already hard and adding another hungry mouth to feed is just too much. I understand these sentiments. But I don’t agree with them. I mean, it’s still a live human being we’re talking about here. How can you just throw these little people like some old trash and never look back? Some people can’t even let go of an old barbie doll or a family heirloom like that. But a child, oh, what the hell anyway for some people, right? Oh, for the love of God.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t even kill a fucking cockroach. That is because, they are scary when they fly and are utterly disgusting. But that’s another story altogether. The thought of taking the life of a living, breathing little child is simply outrageous.

I hope Odin will smite this kind of women. And that God will burn their souls in hell. Or that they get reborn as flies who had to live off garbage shit. Whichever comes first.


~ by Mitch on June 27, 2008.

8 Responses to “THE BABY ITCH”

  1. hehe, gawa ka na ri ng baby ninang mitch kahit walang bf puwede yun, remember may ginawa ata tayong project about dun. hehe btw, kobe is super healthy and cute, kamukha ng daddy niya. hehe ingat lage. God bless.

  2. Hahaha! Parang ganun lang kadali no? 😛 Anyway, so glad to know Kobe is doing great! Hehehe Sana makita ulit siya ng ninang. 😀

  3. “Whom I’d love to cuddle and bathe and feed and sing lullabies to sleep.”

    Shux! Kawawa naman yung baby. Sigurado, matatakot yun sa’yo, Mitch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  5. First pic… Pretty eyes!! I love that one and the second to last pic. Babies are so cute. >_<

    About this:

    “How life is already hard and adding another hungry mouth to feed is just too much.”

    Well, they brought them into the world in the first place, and after that point there are no excuses, the baby’s their responsibility and they can’t reason their way out of it. IMHO.

  6. True. No matter how they try to reason things out, it’s already a responsibility that they should face. Not to run away from or worse, to kill.

  7. michi, pag nagka-baby ba ko papayag ka na maging ninang? hehehe.

    as if naman na mangyayari yun sometime soon eh no.. kasal muna. hahaha.

    naalala ko yung sinabi ni lorelai dati kay sookie sa gilmore girls na there are more people who couldve been better parents to their kids. yung mga deserving talaga.

    pero siguro pag naging mommie ako, kikay din yung baby ko. harharhar.

  8. awww.. i want chinese looking kids. 😛

    and i agree that the mothers who were reported to kill those innocent souls should be hanged to death.

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