Aren’t we all guilty of having trust issues with people whom we deem don’t look “good” enough?

And by good, I mean nice and decent. And not necessarily Jesus, but kind nonetheless.

I’m not saying we should start creating a cult for the supermodels and the beauty queens of the world because they are the only ones who deserve to be trusted. I don’t think we have enough time to deal with their anorexia problems anyway.

I, for one, just can’t help but stay away from people (usually men) who look like they’re going to bring out their guns and have you killed in an instant. When I was in college, I spent most of the time commuting on my way to school. Whenever I board the FX or the colorum vans, I’d usually take a sneak peak first to make sure that no one who’s a cross between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden was inside.

I know it’s totally wrong. Please don’t beat me in the head with my stereotypes. I have no excuses to this behavior except that I honestly don’t feel comfortable with them. This may sound totally crazy but every time I’m with people who fit the category, I’d all of a sudden imagine bad things to happen. Of course, nothing awful really happened but I’d still go out of my way and say, “Manong, para po!” and transfer to the next public transport I see.

Was I bad? 😦

But, I do have friends who experienced getting mugged or having their things forcefully retrieved from them by the people who usually fit the “lookist” standards. So I don’t think you can easily blame me for that. 😛

But then again, (I so like contradicting myself. lol) I’ve also heard stories about decent-looking people (sometimes even too good-looking), who turned out to be monsters. They give new meaning to “if looks can kill.”

At the end of the day, looks alone can’t guarantee anyone’s safety. But I can’t think about the “end of the day” when there’s someone in front of you with bloodshot eyes, unkempt hair and the smell of bloody murder!



~ by Mitch on May 23, 2008.

10 Responses to “LOOK, A LOOKIST!”

  1. If looks can kill, we’d be in jail then! Haha! Oo na. Nagfefeeling ako :))

  2. Zhel: LOL. May point ka. Hahaha!

  3. you must always trust your instinct, mitch. works big time! take care!

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  8. meron nga kong kilala, “friend” ko pa, tapos nanira sakin sa isa ko pang friend. Parang heller? have a life.

    ako pa naging insecure. kamusta naman yun. (o-O)

  9. Kate: Yes, coming from you, I believe it. Hehehe 🙂

    Ria: Huh? :-} Di ko nagets yung connection. Hehehe Sensha na. 😛

  10. kasi mitch, she was supposed to be a friend. kumbaga she looked like one. she’s timid and all. actually, you know her pa nga.

    yung pala capable shang manira ng tao. at ako pa yung siniraan nia. LOL

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