After 39 days, Parvati Shallow, a charity organizer from Florida, was recently crowned the Sole Survivor for the Fans vs. Favorites installment of the longest-running reality show in television. Outlasting 19 other castaways, made up of 10 Survivors from the previous seasons and 10 Survivor fans, Shallow also won the check for $1 million dollars with the 16th season of the Mark Burnett hit show concluded.

As a fan of the show myself, it is truly a dream come true to be able to meet, moreso play with some of the best players who ever played the game. I could only watch in awe. Overall, Survivor Micronesia definitely exceeded a lot of expectations and brought in a lot of surprises that endeared me more to one of my most favorite TV shows ever.

My overall thoughts about this season:

1. I agree with everybody else in saying, this is one of the best survivor seasons ever!

2. First time ever that an all-girls alliance made it to the end. I thought it was too ambitious but they pulled it off. Fantastic!

3. So many blindsides, so many shocking tribal councils, so many dumb moves. I LOVED it!

4. Despite the fact that my two bets (Ami Cusack and Ozzy Lusth) didn’t make it that far, Survivor Micronesia still had the best set of Final Four. And Mark Burnett, thanks for bringing back the Final 2. Classic finals FTW!

5. My most hated castaway this season goes to Natalie. I don’t really frown upon villains in Survivor because I acknowledge the fact that they add spice to the game (well, except with Rob Mariano from the All-Stars. I will forever not like him. Bow.) but she was just so trying hard. Every time she talks about how she’s “cutthroat and cruel and diabolical,” I would just roll my eyes. You’re a pawn, sister. Last fan standing notwithstanding.

At the reunion, though, she kind of redeemed herself. (But the layers part about her personality was too tacky for my taste.)

6. Speaking of tacky (and mushy and corny and WTF), Ozzy lambasting Parvati during the final tribal council and then telling Amanda that he’s falling in love with her tops the charts of tackiness. For all I know, that made the jury NOT vote for his beloved Mandy.

7. Eliza was a disappointment during the Final Tribal Council. I was expecting fireworks from her after all her larger-than-life reactions since she made the jury. But then, what she told Amanda was priceless. Whenever I hear you speak, I literally want to kill myself! Winner!

8. I feel for Cirie. 😦 It really sucks when you were so close to winning it but fail in the end. I voted for Amanda in the PEX poll as to who I thought would win but during the last minutes of the final immunity challenge, I actually rooted for Cirie. I wanted her to win the whole thing because I knew she also played well plus she would surely knock the jury out. Her final words were so heartbreaking. Even at the Ponderosa, I could feel her sheer disappointment with herself. If it’s any consolation, she did play better this time. My hats off to Cirie. One of the best players to NEVER win the game.

9. Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. What can I say? For the second time in your two seasons playing Survivor, you lost. That is truly frustrating. You give definition to “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” in this game. I honestly think you were quite awesome (finding the hidden immunity idol whilst everybody believing you didn’t, winning the last two most important immunity challenges, and French-kissing Ozzy without brushing your teeth for days). I rooted for you since the day you found the Hidden Immunity Idol. But I guess it’s really not meant to be. You know why? BECAUSE YOU’RE JUST SO OVERDRAMATIC. Remember in China? When you put that freaking sad face before the final tribal council to prolly earn sympathy and then you choked in the end? Well, thanks for giving us a déjà vu moment. How hard was it NOT to get all poignant and defensive with how you played the game? You even mentioned that you weren’t interested in getting sympathy votes but who were you kidding with that? You had your effing chance and you blew it again. AGAIN. (Yes, I’m this disappointed.)

And why do you have to be so beauty queen-ish with your answers? You should’ve pleaded your case better. You should’ve told them how you were instrumental in blindsiding the men in your tribe, how you saved your ass when you found the immunity idol, how you worked hard to win the last two immunity challenges. You should’ve shoved that to their faces so they would accept the fact that you outwitted, outplayed and outlasted them. But instead, you told them with your sweet-smiling face: I just want to thank you guys. really. Yeah. Like that is the most winning speech ever. You should’ve brought your crown in the process. Tsk, you never learned.

But hey, the silver lining is, you get to go home with Ozzy. Riiiight.

10. Erik. My disappointment and sheer disgust over your stupidity to give up immunity for Natalie has finally subsided. But prior to it dying down, I was really really frustrated with you. Who gives up immunity on the way to the Final Four? Only you, I guess! You were the most knowledgeable fan out there. You knew the game since Borneo. And you’ve proven that, despite being so open about your being the ultimate fanboy. But now you have to endure the fact that you went down as the dumbest survivor ever. Ironic, isn’t it?


Can’t wait for Survivor Gabon. Survivor’s back in Africa! Yay!


~ by Mitch on May 13, 2008.


  1. I don’t watch the show. I honestly can’t relate. Anyway, just dropping by and thanks for the kind words you left at my site. The praise means more coming from a real writer.

    Two thumbs up for you, Mitch! Wish I could write like you. See you around 🙂

  2. Zhel: Thanks for the kind words too. 🙂

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