I’ve been quite addicted to this site for quite a while now. I guess it’s true. Every girl is a gossip girl at heart. 😛

And it’s been really entertaining to snoop in on your favorite celebrities and how they did when it comes to matters of the hearts (or of the loins, whatever fits in their category.)

The celebrity “dating network” led me to a discovery on who has gotten the top 4 hot, scorching as the summer men in my list, one time or another.

For your reference:

First off (of course):

It’s nice to know that he’s gotten a hodgepodge of quality options back in his dating heydays. Of course, we all know who’s the fille chanceuse who got him in the end.

The French pun was intended.

I wonder if Hugh is actually just shy. Just the same, I bet Wolverine wasn’t a ladies’ man that much either, even though he looks like it.

So is Brandon Boyd.

Looks like he’s got a supermodel fetish going on. Maybe that’s why he’s Happy Knappy? :p

On the other hand, Colin’s definitely got his personal buffet.

Don’t even get me started with the Ss.


~ by Mitch on April 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “WHO HAS DATED WHO?”

  1. Kamusta naman ang buhay ni Colin Farrell! I have new respect for Hugh, haha. Definitely drooling over him since Kate and Leopold. It’s nice to know he’s not that much of a collect-and-collect-then-select type :))

  2. Colin Farrell? Bad boy kasi!

  3. Zhel: LOL Kamusta talaga, diba? Yes. Kahit papano someone as hot as him can actually NOT date around. And as far as Johnny is concerned, at least lahat yun Relationships. 🙂

  4. Kuya Jon: Yeah. Bad boy lovin’ is the sh*t in Hollywood! @_@

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