A modern woman who greatly influences the females of the planet in love, sex and life, Carrie Bradshaw is back—hotter, sexier and better than ever—along with her equally vivacious, free-willed, intelligent and feisty friends Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha!

Admittedly, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is my kind of woman (sans the lesbian tendencies.) She also happens to be the ultimate reason why owning a Mac has been a longtime dream of mine. I don’t know. I guess there’s something so cool and so enticing about the way she writes her weekly columns in that uber-classy laptop. It’s not so much as a breakthrough fashion statement than a compelling gadget that has the hidden power to influence all the women in New York. From then on, MACs have become such a major turn-on for me.

When I was in high school, I have already taken a high regard to women like Carrie. So beautiful, so secure, so independent, so smart and yet so cautious and even anxious when it comes to the affairs of the heart (or at least affairs in general.) Despite her to-die-for and high-quality fashion sense, she still exudes a characteristic that’s so diverse and so meaningful than merely being just an American Barbie doll.

Her adventures with Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) made the show even more stimulating. Coincidentally, the show also made the Manolo Blahniks a signature shoe for the women who have a high nose for fashion. Their diverse, albeit strong, personalities have made a lot of women (even young girls) tune in to their weekly escapades. Charlotte’s conservative and rainbows in the sky attitude, Miranda’s tough, goal-oriented and commitment-phobic character and Samantha’s overwhelming confidence and top-of-the-charts sex drive have become effective influencing factors of how a modern woman should be. Or at least, they give an overview of what a woman deals with and yearns for as time (and society) changes.

I have truly missed watching them regularly (despite my DVD collection). And now, the big screen has finally given a bigger chance for the fans to relive the glory days of four women whose lives mirror the struggles and the glories of being a (contemporary) woman.

Commencing countdown for Sex and the City: The Movie. Opens May 30th. 🙂


~ by Mitch on March 18, 2008.

13 Responses to “SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE”

  1. I saw the teaser at the theater and my jaw dropped literally. Sobrang fan ako ng SaTC. Binili ko pa lahat ng season in original copy, haha :)))

  2. And so the shenggans are invading blogspot huh?? Sis mitch, I miss you!! At ang ganda ng natsambahan kong post, Sex and the City pa. I rarely watch movies in cinemas na pero pag showing na yan, manonood talaga ako, promise!

  3. waaaah! wordpress ka pala, si zhel ang blogspot at ako, =)

  4. wow lumilipat na kayo. i thought of moving too (since i’m not “ilovehoney” anymore) but i was sooo lazy to do it. hah! 😀 nde ako makarelate dyan sa show na yan pero miss kita tulayo. haha 😀 at oo, masaya ako. salamat sa pagdalaw mo saken, ililink na kita. game!

  5. Mitch, nilagay ko ung link mo sa page ko since fan ako ng pagsusulat mo, i hope u don’t mind 🙂

    Sis elaine, natawa ako sa comment mo 😀

  6. Ahhh!! Fantastic post 🙂 I am sooooo beyond stoked and totally anxious for this movie to come out.

    I also think you’re my long-lost soulmate, your header quote from Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorites, it’s been on my Myspace page forever.

  7. Zhel: Yeah! Every woman who has loved femininity and all its quirks is excited about this movie and has always been a fan of this show! I guess girls who rock should unite for this one! Hahaha

    By the way, thanks for the link! 😉 Linked you myself for the same reason! ^_^

  8. Badet: Hahaha. I’ll link you up too! Yes and malay mo, magkita pa tayo sa sinehan. Hehehe

  9. Tukayo: Miss na din kita! Sobrang tagal din ng hiatus mo sa blog mo eh. Hehe Oo nga, di ka na ilovehoney. hehe Pero may love pa rin naman. 🙂 I’m so glad to know that you’re happy right now. Iba talaga pag inspired. 🙂 Stay inlove and keep in touch! Hehe

  10. glamjunkie: Wow! So glad to know a fellow Palahniuk fan. @_@ Yes, that quote struck me hard. I think my being idealist has been so influential in my life that it’s nice to know some people (and I mean, great people) believe in it and even woven great thoughts about it. 🙂

    Long live thinkers! 🙂

  11. same here, i really like carrie bradshaw. her fashion sense is incomparable and what’s more… i like her personality.

  12. Ate lish: Welcome to my site! Hehe @_@ Yep, she’s my favorite among the girls too.

  13. […] I won’t be a MacIdiot for long. So move over, Carrie. It’s the inner computer dweeb in me who will get to influence the world this […]

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