Okay, condemn me to hell for my lack of subtlety. But it was really the perfect way to describe the awesome experience—witnessing the recently concluded Incubus “Light Grenades” Pacific Rim Tour at the Araneta Coliseum.

It was my first time to see Incubus play live (Yes, I wasn’t there in 2004) and admittedly, I have fairly high expectations about this event. Shelling out several bucks to attend a concert is risky. So naturally, you’d expect value for money.

And what do I know? Umpisa pa lang, ulam na. 😛

It was like watching your fantasies (however lustful) coming into reality right before your eyes. I was literally speechless for like two minutes when I first saw Jose, Mike, Chris, Ben and Brandon come out on stage. It was like waiting for angels to descend upon heaven, armed with good news and salvation for all. LOL

Okay, for the details (I’d like to do it the Ate Jen way), here goes:

  • Arrived in Araneta around 7pm. The place was already swarmed with people no older than 35 years old. I was desperately hoping that I won’t see any EMO kids around or I’m really gonna have to hurl. Good thing, though, there weren’t. At least, on my side of the planet.
  • We really got good seats. Well-spent money!

  • As we were waiting for the front act (Up Dharma Down), I was slightly bored. So I put on my Ipod to get a little head start with my Incubus fix. After a while, Armi and the rest of the band showed up and I decided to watch their performance. Everyone was okay enjoying Up Dharma Down while sitting comfortably in their seats. The band was really good and I felt a tinge of pride that they were performing in the same stage as Incubus.
  • After the Up Dharma down set, everything was back to normal. Waiting is not exactly my best asset so I decided to put on my Ipod again. Suddenly, I noticed people clapping and singing. Thinking maybe it was an Incubus song, I dropped my earphones, only to realize that the crowd was actually singing Video Killed the Radio Star. It was a fun(ny) moment.
  • Some people rushed to the front, much to the chagrin of the people at the back. Some artistas were even trying to dominate space there and looked like using their popularity to score with the bouncers (which by the way seemed to be the meanest bouncers ever.) I won’t name names anymore since I’d be adding to their gruesome fame if I did.
  • After a few more humdrum moments of waiting (I was actually thinking of going to the comfort room for a while) the coliseum lights suddenly went out. And then, the loudest, earsplitting screams to ever reverberate inside Araneta began!
  • And there I was, just staring at the stage, checking once or twice if I was dreaming or I was really going to see Incubus in the flesh. Of course, it was the latter (although I did need a lot of convincing.) Everyone decided to stand in their seats and await for the grand entrance. And voila, the band showed up in all its hot-body glory and prepared to rock our worlds.
  • They opened with Quicksand (Light Grenades). Followed closely by A Kiss to Send Us Off (from the same album). I totally sang my heart out like there’s no tomorrow, without keeping score of the song order as the concert went on.
  • Incubus also performed the following in random order: Anna Molly, Vitamin, Stellar, Drive, My Favorite Things (<3) Megalomaniac, Nice to Know You, Talk Show on Mute, The Warmth, Circle, Aqueous Transmission, Oil and Water, Wish You Were Here and Pistola. (I hope I didn’t miss anything.)
  • I think a lot of people were disappointed that the band didn’t play Dig, Pardon Me and Echo. I would’ve liked them to perform these songs too! Also, my all-time favorite Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity) wasn’t performed as well. Also, Redefine could’ve been a major riot song. Actually, someone even pointed out in PEX that 2004 had a better set list. But at the end of the day, what you get from a two-hour Incubus performance always suffices.
  • OVERALL, the concert was really fantastic. My throat was sore from singing and my feet ached due to two hours of standing. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. It was! It was!
  • Of course, I was also busy observing Brandon Boyd in his performances. The guy is just pure talent. His looks and undeniable sex appeal were a fortunate bonus. He wore a green shirt (or gray) at the start of the set. Then he took it off and left a sleeveless undershirt (just like the one he wore in the Anna Molly music vid) in the middle of the set, which revealed her very popular body specs. Yum! 😀 And then finally (much to the promiscuous cravings of all the ladies out there) he went topless and The Invisible Floating Torso Man was at it again! Like Oh. My. God!
  • Mike, Ben, Chris and Jose were all amazing. I can’t stop staring at how good they were at their stuff. The riffs, the turntable arrangements, the drum beats and Boyd’s vocals—it’s the perfect ensemble for a perfect adrenaline rush. Even Boyd gave them their own shining moments too. He’s selfless like that. (Oh, Brandon played the Djembe too. Hot stuff! :P)

Bleep me for everything in this entry but I’ll stand by my word. Seeing them was close to heaven. Much like that climactic moment which guys can’t fake but girls can.@_@

For parting shot, everyone.


Photo Credits: Runefire of PEX


~ by Mitch on March 10, 2008.


  1. weeee… i enjoyed reading this. nakakahawa ang excitement mo sis. 🙂

  2. i’ll confess, i faked my orgasm when we did it, mitch. sorry.

    putang ina! foo fighters, come get manila, bebe!

  3. sis val: Hahaha! Obvious ba masyado ang kagalakan? hehehe Pasensya na. Minsan lang pumunta dito eh. Dapat isulit ang kasiyahan. Woot! 😀

  4. Karl: EEEEEEW! Don’t spoil the good stuff by making stuff up! hahahahaha!

    Sa pagdating ng Foo Fighters (SANA! SANA!), kailangan ikaw ang makakuha ng drumstick ni Taylor Hawkins. And I’ll grab Grohl’s ass! nyehehe!

  5. and as you do, mitch, i’ll grab yours and fake another orgasm. that’s a better memory than getting to grips with taylor’s toys. yummitch! hahahaha!

  6. Hahahahaha! Pervy perverson!!!

  7. oh my God. i actually enjoyed reading your blog. and yes, i felt the same way!!! i was one of those who rushed to the front! but was stopped but the rude bouncers, pushed us to death, without a care in the world, i almost got ran over by a big american dude. but i agree in ever word you said. it was so greaaat. i love brandon boyd!!!

  8. Oh, too bad about the bouncers! Boohoo! 😀 Brandon Boyd is hottah, hottah, hottah! 🙂

  9. You actually orgasmed when you saw them? Good thing you didn’t lose your balance.

    LOL 😛

  10. yeah! incubus rockS! kakainggit. i was also there, medyo bitin nga lang

  11. hi sis! got a tag for u on my xanga. 🙂

  12. Kuya Jon: LOL It was a figure of speech! Hahahaha

    Or maybe it wasn’t. Not sure. ROTFLMAO

  13. Leng_stellar: Yeah, I wish they could’ve sang more songs. But then, maybe we didn’t pay much. Hehe 😀

  14. Val: Alright, I’ll check it out! Haha

  15. Hi Mitch, glad u enjoyed your Incubus experience. Anyway, lumipat na rin ako ng blog, daan ka pag pwede ka 🙂

  16. Hi Zhel! Thanks! Sureness. I visited it nga. Will link you! 🙂

  17. Ok, after reading the set list, I guess I didn’t miss much. 🙂

  18. Benj: Hehe. 😛

  19. hah! i enjoyed reading this 🙂
    im going to see them in august and its gonna be my first time seeing them live.
    i expect it to be an amazingly blissful time 😀

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