On March 2, 2008, my friends, colleagues and I will finally see the fruit of our superstress-laden labor as the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship formally launches the Go Negosyo Book Celebrity Edition.

Commissioned to be the writing team for the book, we really went through a lot of hell to finish the stories (no exaggeration); writing, rewriting, editing, and writing them again. And for the longest time, it never really sunk to us that the book will actually have a nationwide release until I saw the billboard along EDSA with Tim Yap’s ever adoring face modeling for the sequel of the widely popular Go Negosyo book

It seems like a lifetime ago when we would fight tooth and nail just to go to the innumerable interviews, (even though it’s literally out of our way) just to meet these celebrities and get their most interesting stories in print. Ever-changing schedules, broken interview tapes (thank Goodness for hand-written notes!), month-long transcription from our resident transcriptionist (LOL), late-night interviews in Rockwell, Alabang, Cainta, and The Fort, brooding hatred for some people and petty fights in between, and the whole “HOW CAN THEY THINK THAT? THAT’S JUST UNFAIR!” just made the whole experience unforgettable. (Hey, the best stories aren’t a walk in the park!)

Along the way, we thought we wouldn’t even have enough time to finish them. Time, oh what a sweet yet detestable thing.

The arduous work turned out to be something we hated and loved. And hated and loved. And hated and loved. But now that we’ve reached the ultimate finale, what’s in it not to love?

Working with master lensman Jun De Leon also entailed a lot of discipline when it comes to time management. (And of course, no one wants to be at the receiving end of the eponymous “you’re so unprofessional!” sermon from the one photographer celebrities actually respect.)

And more importantly, being able to learn some important lessons from these celebrities opened the doors for a more revolutionary way to put ourselves in the map.

To my fellow writers in this wonderful project: Karlo, Mariz, Lucky, BJ, Patricia, Sir Raul and Sir Rommel, well what can I say, a fantasy coming into reality—



~ by Mitch on February 12, 2008.


  1. Nice! You know where this will be available?

  2. Hi! 🙂 I believe some of the copies have already been deployed to Powerbooks, National Bookstore, Fullybooked and even Filbar’s (you got me!) in the Metro. 🙂

  3. This is soooo cool Michie!!! Saw the billboard and wow. You had something to do with it! Very very cool! ^_^

  4. Hahaha! Thanks Brenti!!! @_@ Buy a copy na rin. Available na siya sa Powerbooks, National Bookstore, Fullybooked, etc. 🙂

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