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Here in this world, you always encounter people who play god. When you look across the street, you’ll always see “gods,” people who act like supernatural beings. Whether it is the one who gives orders, who ignores the beggars, who rewards the subservient, who punishes the offender or the one who makes up “the rules”, it’s all just part of being holier-than-thou than everybody else

The god I’m talking about doesn’t need to be surrounded by a blinding light, with angels singing songs of hallelujah while he feeds 5,000 men with bread and fish. He doesn’t need to live at 07 Heavenly Paradise St. Kingdom Come, Utopia and love his neighbor like he loves himself. He doesn’t even have to knock up a virgin and rear a son, only to sacrifice him for “the greater good.”

He just have to exist somewhere where he thinks people can be at his mercy and can be further influenced by sheer idolatry. And where all his goals are shaping up for the completion of his own adorned, crystallized plinth.

Playing god is tempting, even sinfully addicting. That’s why GMA did not resign even if the people of the Philippines asked her to.

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Playing god is gratifying. That’s why ABS-CBN won’t kill the Big Brother franchise. They’ve established discipleship. The whole house is Kuya‘s playground and he is the master. Screw the feelings of his housemates. If he thinks it’s justifiable to mess with them, as long as there’s a lesson to be learned, or, as long as it’s for goddamn charity, then it’s alright. Who’s to say it’s wrong?

Well, as far as the show is concerned, he is.

And ABS-CBN too, for that matter. They have the power to influence people that the real life they’re portraying is the real life. The only difference is there are freakin’ cameras everywhere and you can’t piss and poo like normal people. Well, I think the whole thing is oxymoronic (if not moronic.)

Playing god is easy. That’s why abortion is legal in some countries and foreign-owned call centers multiply like mushrooms here.

Playing god is fulfilling. That’s why there are scientists, philosophers, doctors, even lawyers and the whole judiciary crooks.

Playing god is eternal. That’s why the whole hullabaloos about transhumanism and the whole Hubris spectacle remained in the deep recesses of one’s curiosity.

But it all comes down to the reality that playing god is normal. Why everyone tends to be messianic and everybody wants to save the world from all evil.

It’s why the rich never cease to regain wealth and never realize when enough is enough.

Why there is the elite and there is the jologs.

Why there are policemen, government officials and church leaders.

Why drugs, land and jueteng have lords.

Why kids are addicted to violent videogames where the joystick commands another reality.

Why people smoke incessantly and never care about lung cancer.

It’s why your neighbor’s car is parked in the middle of the street.

And why you think it’s wrong.


~ by Mitch on February 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “THE GOD COMPLEX”

  1. well written sis. most of us hate to admit though, but indeed there is a part of us that shouts God. I just hope everyone use that part in a Godly manner… and not only for the betterment of thyself. πŸ™‚

  2. love this post, mitch. πŸ™‚ i could almost feel you talking to me in person. creepy? nah!

    i’d like to think that there’s some leeway given to us to exercise the god complex. talk about free will and the fact that we were made in His/Her likeness. the god complex separates us from the other species.

    anyway, i hope you’re doing okay! πŸ™‚

  3. valerie: Hey thanks! πŸ™‚ Being gods “in our own right”, however self-serving, can also be “good” if we let that One Great Example reign in us.

    angel: Hey thanks! And yikes! Haha Yeah, if you think about it as “being created in his own likeness,” the god complex can be pretty good. But if you practice the god complex to your fellow gods, there’s abuse in power there. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cliche, cliche. Hahaha!

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