After a painfully-written letter, I’m now officially on WordPress. I really did have to say goodbye properly to my old blog since 4 years is 4 freakin’ years. It’s longer than most things in this planet–the horrific relationship of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, for instance, and definitely a million times more meaningful. And now, it’s time to embark upon a new adventure.

So far, I’m still finding my way into this whole other world. I know it’s not gonna be the same but I’m sure as hell it’s not gonna be all that different. For starters, it’s still the same old me. Although yeah, I would have to say goodbye to my little old chatbox since I don’t think WordPress allows it even. But it’s all good. And I’m feeling good about this.

I know you expect me to write something more. After all, this is my first entry. But let’s just keep it as simple as this. Like in most relationships, it’s not that easy to get over a past love. Nor is it easier to adjust to a new love. But I promise that my attention for this baby would be anything but insufficient.

And this time, (well, hopefully, that is) it’s for keeps. 🙂


~ by Mitch on January 22, 2008.

9 Responses to “RITE OF PASSAGE”

  1. ei! congratulations on the successful migration! guess what? i was also thinking of migrating elsewhere from blogger (blogspot) but i’m still ready-ing the “new online home” so for the meantime, can you do me a small favor? please update my link on your sidebar. thanks mitch! looking forward to this new home of yours 🙂

    kuya jon

    PS. i do intend to keep my xanga page. for forwarded messages and email purposes. 😉

  2. Yahoo!

    Thanks for updating me on the new address! 😉

  3. kuya jon: Thanks so much! I will save both links nalang just to be sure. 😀 I’m looking forward to this too!

    brent: Of course! 🙂

  4. ei mitch thanks. pero yung xanga link ko is ‘slash ajaw’ hinde po ‘slash aajao’ hehe.. salamat po. yung bagong bahay ko eto:


    asteeg!!! 😀

  5. thanks sa update. and sa link. I will def. link you up right now. mishu princess 😀

  6. Kuya Jon: Sosyal! May i.ph account ka pa talaga. Hehehe Sorry for the link booboo. I changed it na rin. 😉

    Ria: Sureness! Thanks and mishuuu too! *hugs*

  7. It’s definitely the best move. Today, WordPress.com… tomorrow, your own domain! 😛

  8. Benj: Hehe. Thanks! 😀 The own domain has to be wait though. LOL

  9. errr, wait pala.

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